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  • 40.600°N 15.720°E 760 m a.s.l.
Observational platform
Hosting institute
  • Institute of Methodologies for Environmental Analysis (IMAA)
  • Donato Summa
    Facility PI

CIAO is equipped with the state-of-the-art systems for remote-sensing and in-situ measurements of aerosol and trace gases, specially after the recent upgrade. The site is located on the Southern Apennine in Italy, in a plain surrounded by low mountains, less than 100 km away from the West, South and East coasts. Therefore, it operates in a typical mountain weather strongly influenced by Mediterranean atmospheric circulation, resulting in generally dry, hot summers and cold winters.
Most of the surrounding land is classified as arable crops in non-irrigated areas, followed by broad-leaved woods and coniferous forests, sclerophyllous or wooded/shrubby areas and natural grazing areas and grasslands. The prevailing wind direction occurring at the site is W-WSW-SW.

Scientific scope

The scientific goal pursued at CIAO since its beginning is the long-term measurements for the climatology of aerosol and cloud properties. The main research lines include: a) design and implementation of lidars for aerosol, water vapour and cloud studies; b) development of algorithms for the integration of lidar and microwave radiometer measurements; c) integration of remote-sensing techniques and in-situ measurements for synergistic investigation of aerosol; d) definition of measurement protocols, quality assurance programs and data managing strategies; e) analysis of the physical and dynamical processes related to aerosol transport, their modification and classification. Besides the compliance to the ACTRIS guidelines, measurements are in line with the main ground-based observation networks and the major international standards provided by the WMO, aiming at establishing a long-term, harmonised and statistically significant database of aerosol measurements for climatological studies.



Component type Labelling status PIs
Reactive trace gases remote sensing Planned for 2023 Unknown
Aerosol remote sensing Initially accepted in March 2023 Unknown
Aerosol in situ measurements Initially accepted in January 2024 Lucia Mona
Cloud remote sensing Submitted in February 2024 Marco Rosoldi